Can I get additional IPv4 IPs on different subnets? IPs are assigned randomly by our software and manual assignments will require a one-time fee of... Can I manage my own rDNS record? Yes, you can set your rDNS directly in Wyvern, just click the edit button next to the IP and... Can I max out my CPU 24x7? No you may not. CPUs are a shared resource and there is simply not enough CPUs in the server to... Can I open a ticket via e-mail instead of logging in? Yes you can, the following e-mail addresses will generate tickets in our help desk:This... Can I pay with a Paypal Subscription? We allow Paypal Subscriptions once a client has paid for their first invoice. We do not allow... Can I request a custom plan? Of course! Contact our pre-sales team and we can create a special plan that fits for your needs.... Can you backup my data and send it to me? Yes we can. Depending on the size of the data we can back your data up to CD-R, DVD-R, USB Flash... Do you allow Habbo? No we do not. We now have a good working relationship with Sulake Corporation due to all of... Do you allow IRC? IRC clients/bouncers are allowed on our VPSs! (But we do not allow servers at this time.) Do you allow Minecraft? Nope. Do you allow TOR/VPNs/Proxies/I2P/etc... ? We do not allow TOR, I2P, or any Peer-to-Peer proxies/VPNs/tunnels at this time for various... Do you allow camfrog servers? No we do not. Do you allow high-yield investment program (HYIP) sites? Nope. Do you go through my files on my VPS or spy on my processes? For fun? No we don't. If we get an alert or alarm then we may review your VPS to ensure there... Do you have a test IP/file so I can test your network? For a complete look at our network visit   Do you have any mail restrictions? Yes we do. cPanel clients are limited to 200 e-mails per hour and VPS clients are limited to 200... Do you maintain backups of my data? If so how often? We do maintain backups of some of our client's data. Here's a quick breakdown of our backup... Do you offer 24x7 support? While we do not have a dedicated (or outsourced) team of support staff sitting at a PC 24 hours a... Do you offer DDOS Protected cPanel/shared hosting? We no longer offer this due to the impact Layer 7 attacks have on a shared hosting environment. Do you offer DDOS protection for your cPanel services? No we do not. Any DDOS attacks against any shared cPanel plan will result in either suspension or... Do you offer IPv6 addresses? Yes we do. All OpenVZ VPSs come with the ability to add your own IPv6 addresses from a dedicated... Do you offer Layer 7 protection? Our datacenter does advertise Layer 7 protection in Portland, Oregon. Do you offer TUN/TAP and/or PPTP on OpenVZ? Yes we do, all three can be enabled in our control panel. Do you offer additional IPv4 addresses? Yes, we offer additional IPs at $3/month each. Please open a ticket with our Sales department for... Do you offer any type of SLA? We offer a 99.9% uptime SLA. We strive to provide as little to no downtime as possible. We run... Do you offer external monitoring/alerts? Yes we do provide external monitoring for our services. For an additional $0.25/month you can... Do you offer instant setup? Yes we do. All new OpenVZ and cPanel orders are setup as soon as the first invoice is paid as... Do you offer refunds? Refunds outside of our Money Back Guarantee are on a per user basis. Please refer to our Terms of... Do you offer reseller accounts? Can I resell your services? We do not offer reseller accounts at this time. We do not recommend that you attempt to resell... Do you offer residential IPs for VPNs or proxies? No we do not, we never have and most likely never will offer VPSs with residential IPs. All IPs... Do you oversell your servers? Yes we do, but that doesn't mean your service will be slow and unusable or you won't be able to... Do you own your hardware or lease/rent? We own all of our hardware excluding our cPanel server that we rent from another provider. All of... Do you provide a money back guarantee? Indeed we do! If you're unhappy with our service for any reason during the first 30 days, we can... Do you provide cPanel/DirectAdmin/Windows/WHMCS licenses? No we do not. Unfortunately if we were to offer these licenses the pricing would be higher than... Do you support GRE tunnels? Yes we do. All OpenVZ VPSs have the GRE modules enabled. How do I change my cPanel account's domain? Unfortunately cPanel does not allow clients to change their own domain name so please open a... How do I get my IP unblocked by the cPanel server firewall? Use this link: How do I use my domain with my VPS? At this time we do not offer DNS for our VPS services (only cPanel services) so you will need to... How do you handle DoS attacks? We offer basic DDoS protection in our Tampa, Los Angeles, and Seattle locations. All other... How do you handle bandwidth overages? By default our system is set to suspend any VPS that hits their bandwidth limits. If you are... How fast is the port speed? All of our nodes have bonded 1Gbps NICs and all VPSs come with 1Gbps ports (up and down).... How long will I have to wait for a response to my ticket? Our mission is to answer all client tickets within 1 hour. To give you an idea, our main website... How long will it take for my BitPay payment to complete? We've set our transaction speed to "Low" for all BitPay payments so it must wait for 6 blocks... I am unable to load the serial console. We have found that different browsers work better than others but if you continue to have... IPv4 Justification Form Name: Date: Current number of IPv4 Addresses in use: Additional IPv4 Addresses requested:... What OS can I run on a 32-96MB VPS? Any OS Templates that has the word "Minimal" in the name should run fine on any size VPS. What Operating Systems can I choose from? Initially all OpenVZ VPSs come with Debian 6 32bit installed. Once your VPS is setup, you have... What are the IPv6 network settings? TampaGateway: 2602:fff6:f:1::1Netmask: 48 DenverGateway: 2602:fff6:d:1::1Netmask: 48 What are the advantages/disadvantages of OpenVPN? Pros A completely open source build making it very versatile and well supported. High level... What are the advantages/disadvantages of PPTP? Pros   Extremely easy to setup on all standard Operating Systems and devices (Windows,... What bandwidth providers do you use? Here is a list of upstream providers as of 3/4/2015:Tampa, FLXOLevel3CogentWideOpenWestDenver,... What features for you offer for your cPanel service? The following features are enabled on our cPanel services, anything not listed might not be... What happened to your 1 Hour Response SLA? We decided to remove this SLA and replace it instead with a mission for us to work towards. While... What is Backup/Server Dragon, FloridaWebHosting, CakeVPN, Secure Dragon LLC.? Backup Dragon was our brand of secure offsite backup servers (no longer used).Server Dragon is... What is Basic Management and what does it include? Basic Management means that we will provide guaranteed support for the following: Host... What is SSH? SSH stands for Secure Shell. It is a secured method of connecting to network device remotely,... What is a Layer 7 attack and how can I detect it? A Layer 7 attack is an attack specifically against the application level (the 7th layer of the... What is a VPS? Per Wikipedia, a VPS (Virtual Private Server) runs its own copy of an operating system, and... What is conntrack and how can I check how many sessions I am using? Conntrack is a table that stores information about all connections to/from a VPS. Here is a good... What is rsync? rsync is the most common backup program used today. It provides many advantages over other backup... What is the difference between KVM and OpenVZ? Which is best for me? KVM is more for advanced users since it requires an installation of a OS from an ISO where OpenVZ... What is vSwap? vSwap, or Virtual Swap, is a new memory management feature in RHEL 6 (CentOS 6.0) that allows an... What kind of DDOS protection do you offer and do you nullroute IPs? We offer basic DDOS Protection in Tampa, Los Angeles, and Seattle with the following details:Los... What nameservers do I use for my cPanel account? Our nameservers for our cPanel hosting plans are as follows: What payment methods do you accept? We accept Paypal, Stripe (credit card), and BitPay. For local clients we can also arrange other... When does my bandwidth usage reset for my VPS? Bandwidth for each VPS is measured monthly but is not based on your billing date. Wyvern measures... Where are your servers located? What datacenters do you use? Here is a list of a our datacenters and locations where we house our hardware: Tampa, FL. -... Where can I find your policies? Our Terms of Service, Acceptable Use Policy, and Privacy Policy can all be found at the bottom of... Where did the name CakeVPN come from? We were looking for a synonym for "simple" and one of the suggestions was "piece of cake" and we... Why am I offline? The question is, what is offline?   First follow the basic troubleshooting... Why am I unable to run yum in CentOS? The most common reason is a memory issue caused by a plugin installed by default. In order to... Why can't I order your services? Unfortunately due to the increasing amounts of internet fraud and the costs involved with... Why can't I pay this small invoice with my credit card? Our credit card processor only allow payments of $0.50 or more so if you have a voice for less... Why do you not accept anonymous orders through proxy/VPN with fake information? We do not accept anonymous orders because it's a huge risk for us. What some people don't... Why does apt-get not work in Debian 5 (Lenny)? Debian 5 is EOL (End Of Life) and no longer supported by Debian. All of the repositories have... Why does modprobe gives me an error in my OpenVZ VPS? The command modprobe does not work in OpenVZ and all of the modules need to be loaded on the host... Why does my VPS takes more than 2 minutes to reboot? An issue we've been seeing lately is a long delay in starting up the network interfaces resulting... Why is does my ticket say "In Progress"? Once we review a ticket, if we do not have an immediate solution we set the status to "In... Why is my disk I/O so slow when testing with DD? We have found that the OS Template has a greater impact on DD test results that we expected. Some... Why is my download speed so slow for my VPS? For KVM plans, please try making the following changes to your VPS. For OpenVZ, please open a... Why is rsyslog using 99% of my CPU? There is a bug in the rsyslog version that is bundled with certain Operating Systems (we've... Will I get a refund/credit if I downgrade? No, our system is not setup to provide refunds or account credits if you downgrade your service.
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