Do you go through my files on my VPS or spy on my processes?

For fun? No we don't. If we get an alert or alarm then we may review your VPS to ensure there aren't any problems. A good example of this is if our automated system alerts us that your VPS is violating our Terms of Service then we will verify that the alert is not a false-positive (if it is, we adjust our system accordingly). Another example is if we get an alert that your VPS is sending 100,000 packets per second to another network, then we'll check to make sure you're VPS hasn't been hacked and used to send Denial of Service attacks so we can take the proper action to protect you, our other clients, and our network.

The bottom line is that we do not go through your files unless an automated system tells us to or we receive other notifications. You can review our Privacy Policy here which outlines exactly what to expect from us in terms of protecting and respecting your privacy.
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