Our goal is to take action within 1 hour of a support ticket being opened and work hard to exceed your expectations of a budget unmanaged service provider. While we are not staffed 24x7, we make all attempts to be available when you need us. This page will outline what you can expect from us when it comes to support.

While we are not staffed 24x7, we will try to not leave you waiting for 24 hours either ("bumping" a ticket will move it to the bottom of the queue).
Tickets for our "Contact Us" department are viewed within 24 hours but may not be responded to depending on the nature of the ticket.
Opening a ticket in the wrong department or replying to an older ticket with a new topic may result in a delayed response time or immediate closing of the ticket..
If your ticket is marked as "In Progress" it means that a staff member has reviewed your ticket and it is being worked on.
If your ticket is marked as "On Hold" it means that a staff member is waiting for additional information from you.
All services are unmanaged services.

Basic Management

  • Our Basic Management is limited to critical issues regarding your VPS hardware and virtualization platform along with basic troubleshooting of your freshly installed Operating System.
  • We may assist you with other issues but such support is not guaranteed and may incur an Advanced Technical Support Fee (upon the clients approval). In the event of an Advanced Technical Support Fee, payment for the first hour is required prior to any work being performed.
  • Support requests for tasks that can be performed by the client in the Client Area or any provided control panel will incur a fee equal to our Client Task Fee.
Support Departments
  • Abuse - For reporting TOS violations.
  • Billing - For tickets relating to your account, payment and ordering issues (including Paypal, Stripe, and BitPay), and refund/SLA requests.
  • Contact Us - General inquiries that do not fit elsewhere.
  • Sales - For tickets about custom plans/services, pre-sales questions, upgrades/downgrades, and anything relating to our order forms or services.
  • Support - For tickets requesting technical or instructional support.
Additional Information

If you weren't able to find your answer in the links above, please open a ticket with the appropriate department below.

If you can't find a solution to your problems in our knowledgebase, you can submit a ticket by selecting the appropriate department below.


Report any TOS violations or DMCA reports here.


Provides assistance with sales and pre-sales questions.

 Contact Us

General questions for our staff.

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