RESOLVED: IPv6 network offline in California (02/18/2022)

  • 18th February 2022
We received an alert along with tickets from clients that the IPv6 network in our Los Angeles, CA. location was not working properly. We contacted the data center and they were able to restore the BGP session making the network routable again. As a result, we restarted our network services on the VPS node and restarted each VPS to restore ...
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RESOLVED: Network connectivity issues in Chicago datacenter (2/14/2022)

  • 14th February 2022
We've been receiving alerts about random outages on both our IPv4 and IPv6 networks in Chicago since 9:25AM EST. We've opened a ticket with our datacenter this morning shortly after the alerts started occurring and they are currently investigating the source of the issue. We will provide updates when available. UPDATE: Currently these issues do ...
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RESOLVED: California OpenVZ node is offline (01/27/2022)

  • 27th January 2022

We have received alerts that our California OpenVZ node is offline as of 2PM EST today (01/27/2022). We have a ticket open with our datacenter to troubleshoot and possibly reboot the server if needed. We will provide updates as we get them.

RESOLVED: This was resolved 6:56PM EST on 1/27/2022

-The Secure Dragon Staff

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RESOLVED: Tampa IPv4 Network Outage (6/21/2021)

  • 21st June 2021
This morning we experienced multiple network outages in our Tampa data center which have all been resolved at this time, here's a quick overview of events: Timeline We received alerts about 8:33AM EST about a total network outage in our Tampa data center which the data center resolved at 8:45AM EST. Additional alerts generated at 10:13AM EST ...
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