COMPLETE: Upgrading Denver VPSs to OpenVZ 7 (12/3/2022)

  • 3rd December 2022
Per the e-mail that was sent out to clients last weekend, we are starting work at 10PM EST that will result in a minor interruption of service. We will be upgrading our current VPS node in Denver, Colorado with OpenVZ 7 which means all of the VPS(es) in that location will be upgraded and moved over to a temporary server for a brief time. The ...
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COMPLETE: New Jersey Migration (10/28/2022)

  • 29th October 2022
We've received notice that our current data center in New Jersey will be closing down on November 1st, 2022 so we're required to move our services to a new datacenter before this time. We've found a new home for our New Jersey clients in a New York based datacenter hosted by Hivelocity which provides us colocation in Florida and Washington state. ...
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RESOLVED: Los Angeles data center offline (6/23/2022)

  • 23rd June 2022
Hello, It appears our Los Angeles data center went offline at around 1:48AM EST on 6/23/2022. The data center's website and help desk are also offline so we've reached out to them attempting to get some information but have not been successful so far. Since this appears to be widespread, we do not have an ETA for restoration of service at this ...
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RESOLVED: IPv6 network offline in California (02/18/2022)

  • 18th February 2022
We received an alert along with tickets from clients that the IPv6 network in our Los Angeles, CA. location was not working properly. We contacted the data center and they were able to restore the BGP session making the network routable again. As a result, we restarted our network services on the VPS node and restarted each VPS to restore ...
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