May 19th RESOLVED: Chicago, IL. Outage (5/19/2017)

We received alerts that all of our IPs in Chicago are currently offline (both IPv4 and IPv6). We have a ticket open with the data center to investigate and resolve this. We will update this announcement with more information as we receive it.

UPDATE - All IPs are back online at this time.

-The Secure Dragon Staff

May 7th Uptime Stats for 2016

Here are the uptime percentages of each of our OpenVZ nodes for 2016 based on polling by NodePing. Polling intervals were set to 1 minute and the monitors would check the availability and response of a specific port meaning that the OS was active and responding to network requests. Phoenix, Arizona 99.95% Los Angeles, ... Read More »

Mar 20th BitPay payment issues resolved

At this time the payment issues with BitPay should be resolved. Please let us know if you experience any issues with BitPay or any other processors. Thank you.

-The Secure Dragon Staff

Mar 18th BitPay payment issues

At this time we are currently experiencing problems with payments via BitPay. We are working with BitPay to get this resolved and apologize for those impacted by this issue.

-The Secure Dragon Staff-

Mar 6th Wyvern Updated

We've pushed out a rather large update for Wyvern after much development and testing (e-mail to follow with specifics). We expect everything to be working correctly but if you run into any issues or experience any unexpected behavior, please open a ticket with our Support department. Thank you.

-The Secure Dragon Staff

Jan 11th RESOLVED: Denver, CO Outage (1/11/2017)

We recieved alerts that our Denver, CO. data center is offline. We are reaching out to the data center now for more details.

UPDATE - The data center staff informed us of scheduled maintenance that is being rolled back now due to the outage.

UPDATE - The network is back online at this time.

-The Secure Dragon Staff

Jan 6th cpanel01 emergency reboot

Our cPanel server was not responding and is in the middle of a reboot, a fsck is being run on the drives now and it should be back online shortly. We are still in the process of replacing the current cPanel server with something more stable but at this time we are unable to find a suitable replacement. We apologize for this outage and any ... Read More »

Jan 3rd Client Area Updated

Our client area has been updated to a newer release and is back online at this time. We apologize for the brief outage this morning. Please report any issues with the client area or Wyvern that you experience. Thank you.

-The Secure Dragon Staff

Sep 21st RESOLVED: Packet Loss in IL (9/21/2016)

We are currently experiencing packet loss in our Chicago, IL. data center and are currently investigating this now. We will be restarting multiple services including the network and OpenVZ services but may resort to a server reboot if needed. We will provide updates as we obtain more information.Here is an update from our IL data center: This ... Read More »

Sep 20th RESOLVED: Packet Loss in NJ (09/20/2016)

We are currently aware of the packet loss experienced in our NJ location that has been occurring off and on since yesterday. Our data center, along with others around the world, have been receiving massive DDoS attacks against their network equipment and are working at mitigating these attacks. We will provide more information when it becomes ... Read More »

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