Goodbye IPs, we hardly knew ye.

Looks like the last of our IPs have found new homes with our clients and their VPSs. We are expecting more IPs in a few hours (we're ordering double so lets see if we can make it 24 hours before we need to order more).   Normally we would turn off ordering but people started thinking our servers were full and so they left and never returned, ... Read More »

13th Jun 2011
We're back!

Got some more IPs now but we're running low on our O96M.

12th Jun 2011
The first 48 hours was a success!

To much of a success actually. We went through our first /28 allotment of IPs in no time, and here we are nearing the end of our second /28 batch. We have a call into the data center and are awaiting that glorious e-mail with our new /27 in it!   If you would like to be notified when we open orders up again feel free to open a ticket and we ... Read More »

12th Jun 2011