Maintenance complete.

Sorry for the downtime (if you blinked you missed it). FIRE1 is back online and fully operational.

22nd Jun 2011
Server upgrade tomorrow (minimal downtime)

Just a small heads up that we will be adding additional RAM to our server tomorrow @ 5AM EST. There will be some minor downtime while we power off the server to install the RAM. We have sent an e-mail to our current clients but this announcement is ensure any new clients and guests are informed. Expected downtime is no more than 5 minutes for the ... Read More »

21st Jun 2011
We've planted an IP seed and it just bloomed!

We have more IPs in stock, a /24 to be exact! So that's over 250 IPs for us to share.

13th Jun 2011
Goodbye IPs, we hardly knew ye.

Looks like the last of our IPs have found new homes with our clients and their VPSs. We are expecting more IPs in a few hours (we're ordering double so lets see if we can make it 24 hours before we need to order more).   Normally we would turn off ordering but people started thinking our servers were full and so they left and never returned, ... Read More »

13th Jun 2011