Why do you not accept anonymous orders through proxy/VPN with fake information?

We do not accept anonymous orders because it's a huge risk for us. What some people don't understand is that we need to protect our clients and our company and one way of doing that is to be strict about who can use our services. Most of the time, clients want to be anonymous for their own protection but there are some cases where clients want to be anonymous to abuse our services. So what can happen when clients abuse our services? A lot. Here's just a few things that can happen that impact other clients who are following the rules and using our services properly:

  • Network attacks - Bad clients that send or receive DOS attacks tend to impact the whole network.
  • Resource abuse - Maxing out the CPUs or pegging the disks with intense IO makes the whole server unusable to any clients hosted on it.
  • Being kicked out of our data center - If we become the problem client for our data centers they will turn us off and kick us out (possibly without warning), this means that other clients will be offline for days until we can find a new data center (assuming we can even find one suitable for our services in the area).
  • Outages and data loss from the servers being taken by authorities - If somebody does something really bad, then our servers can disappear one night and sit in some room of some government agency for months before we can get it back. I've spoken with enough data centers to know this is not uncommon.
  • IPs being taken offline by our data center - Assuming the DDOS attacks don't get us, the nullroutes will.
  • IPs blacklisted by Anti-Spam blacklists - We have a zero tolerance for spam, unfortunately in the past if a spammer gets on our network for 30 minutes it can result in hundreds of IPs being blacklisted which is really bad for clients who host their personal e-mail servers with us.
These are just a few reasons how one client can ruin it for the rest of them. We're not a big shop like Amazon or Rackspace so we cannot afford to replace lost hardware in 30 minutes or move to a new data center in 6 hours, we also cannot afford getting a bad reputation for hosting clients who abuse our service and cause downtime on a daily basis.

While we completely understand why people want to protect their privacy, we simply cannot take that kind of risk and open up the flood gates. What we can tell you is that our Privacy Policy is extremely simple to understand and outlines that we will not sell or share your personal information without a valid legal document.

If you still do not trust us after doing all of the research, then we would not be a good fit for you anyways because you always need to trust your hosting provider, if there is no trust then it will not work out for us or you so please find a provider that you trust.
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