RESOLVED: Emergency reboot of ca2ovz01 (10/31/2020)

A hung VPS on the node had caused over 500 maintenance processes to run out of control and were unkillable causing severe lag on the server and resulting in Wyvern not functioning for certain clients. The VPS impacting this was determined and was suspended but it continued to lock all of the maintenance processes. A reboot of the server node was ... Read More »

31st Oct 2020
RESOLVED: IPv4 network outage in Chicago (10/24/2020)

We've received alerts that our IPv4 network is offline in our Chicago location. IPv6 is unaffected and still working. We have opened a ticket with our data center to investigage. No ETA at this time.

RESOLVED: Connectivity has been restored to our IPv4 network after 41 minutes.

-The Secure Dragon Staff

24th Oct 2020
RESOLVED: az1ovz02 unresponsive (10/14/2020)

We've received alerts that our Arizona node is currently offline. We're in the process of getting the node back online which will require a fsck to check the disk for errors. It should be back online within the next 30 minutes. UPDATE: After rebooting the server it appeared to be in a healthy state and the VPSs started to power back up. Shortly ... Read More »

14th Oct 2020
RESOLVED: Network outage in New Jersey (7/13/2020)

We've been alerted to a network outage in our New Jersey data center. We've been engaged with the data center staff and are working to get this resolved. We are awaiting updates now.

-The SecureDragon Staff

13th Jul 2020
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