RESOLVED: Emergency reboot of ca2ovz01 (10/31/2020)

  • Saturday, 31st October, 2020
  • 07:12am

A hung VPS on the node had caused over 500 maintenance processes to run out of control and were unkillable causing severe lag on the server and resulting in Wyvern not functioning for certain clients. The VPS impacting this was determined and was suspended but it continued to lock all of the maintenance processes. A reboot of the server node was issued to clear up these processes and return the performance and Wyvern functionality.

We apologize for this reboot especially so closely after the outage from the migration, but these are the types of issues that arise after a conversion from OpenVZ 6 to OpenVZ 7 so we need to get them resolved as they appear. We truly appreciate your understanding as we work hard to get our new OpenVZ 7 node stable.

-The Secure Dragon Staff

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