RESOLVED: Packet Loss in IL (9/21/2016)

We are currently experiencing packet loss in our Chicago, IL. data center and are currently investigating this now. We will be restarting multiple services including the network and OpenVZ services but may resort to a server reboot if needed. We will provide updates as we obtain more information.Here is an update from our IL data center: This ... Read More »

21st Sep 2016
RESOLVED: Packet Loss in NJ (09/20/2016)

We are currently aware of the packet loss experienced in our NJ location that has been occurring off and on since yesterday. Our data center, along with others around the world, have been receiving massive DDoS attacks against their network equipment and are working at mitigating these attacks. We will provide more information when it becomes ... Read More »

20th Sep 2016
RESOLVED: Emergency reboot of ga2ovz01 (09/10/2016)

Our OpenVZ node in Atlanta is not responding so we've issued a reboot of the server. We are working to get it back online at this time.UPDATE: The server and network are back online. There was a DDoS attack against a client that resulted in high resource utilization on the node but a nullroute of the IP and a reboot of the server has fixed this ... Read More »

10th Sep 2016

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