Chicago Scheduled Migration Information (UPDATED)

As outlined in the e-mail sent out to our clients, we have begun our scheduled migration of our Chicago services to the new data center. At this time our original data center has stopped announcing our IPs and we are in the process of migrating the services to the new data center. We will provide more updates as they become available. Thank ... Leer Más »

16th Mar 2018
RESOLVED: Tampa, FL. is currently offline

We received alerts at 10:09AM EST that our Tampa, FL. location was not responding. We spoke with the techs on-site and they are currently experiencing a power outage on the colocation side of the data center. We are waiting to hear back from the data center staff at this time and have no ETA.11:31AM EST - Power has been restored. We are getting ... Leer Más »

12th Feb 2018
RESOLVED: fl2backup02 node instability

Hello, we are currently experiencing an issue where one of our Tampa KVM nodes (fl2backup02) is losing network connectivity at random intervals. We have been working on this issue for the past 3 hours which has required multiple reboots so far. We do not have an ETA at this time as we are still trying to determine the issue. We apologize for those ... Leer Más »

19th Jan 2018
cPanel services offline (1/11/2018)

We just received an alert that our cPanel server in Las Vegas is offline. Upon attempting to open a ticket with our upstream provider, we found that their website and help desk are also offline so we are waiting to get more information about the outage and hope to be back online shortly.

-The Secure Dragon Staff

11th Jan 2018
COMPLETED: Emergency reboots of all nodes (1/7/2018)

In the next few minutes we will be rebooting all of our nodes to patch some severe exploits that were recently announced. The exploits, known as Meltdown and Spectre, impact nearly every server built since 1995 and a reboot is required to patch the kernel. Normally we utilize KernelCare to maintain kernel security patches without requiring a ... Leer Más »

7th Jan 2018
Emergency reboots of il1ovz02 and co1ovz02 (12/15/2017)

We received alerts that both our Chicago and Denver OpenVZ nodes were not responding. After failed attempts to console into the servers both were forcefully rebooted and are coming back online at this time.

-The Secure Dragon Staff

15th Dec 2017
COMPLETE: Software upgrade on Tampa network devices (12/6/2017)

Next Wednesday at around 10PM EST we will be upgrading the software for all of our network devices in Tampa which will require a reboot. Some downtime is expected from these reboots but it should be minimal. We will provide updates via our Twitter as well as update this announcement once it is complete. Thank you.UPDATE: At 10:22PM EST all ... Leer Más »

2nd Dec 2017
fl2ovz02 node crash (11/29/2017)

Shortly after midnight tonight our fl2ovz02 server crashed and needed to be rebooted. We ran a filesystem check to resolve some errors and got the server back online by 12:15AM EST. We are investigating the cause of the crash at this time.

-The Secure Dragon Staff-

29th Nov 2017
Emergency reboot of fl2backup02 (11/26/2017)

We are performing a reboot of fl2backup02 at this time to resolve a networking issue impacting our clients. The node and VPSs should be back online shortly.

-The Secure Dragon Staff

26th Nov 2017
Power outage in Chicago (10/4/2017)

Today our Chicago data center experienced an outage for roughly 83 minutes. Upon receiving alerts that our network was down we contacted our data center who stated they were aware of the outage which was impacting the whole data center. At this time power has been restored and we have confirmed all of our services are back online. We are still ... Leer Más »

4th Oct 2017

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