Sep 10th RESOLVED: Emergency reboot of ga2ovz01 (09/10/2016)

Our OpenVZ node in Atlanta is not responding so we've issued a reboot of the server. We are working to get it back online at this time.UPDATE: The server and network are back online. There was a DDoS attack against a client that resulted in high resource utilization on the node but a nullroute of the IP and a reboot of the server has fixed this ... Read More »

Aug 16th cpanel01 emergency reboot (8/16/2016)

cpanel01 is being rebooted to resolve an issue with the filesystem going into read-only mode. We will investigate the issue more once the server is back online.

-The Secure Dragon Staff

Aug 11th Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy update (8/11/2016)

Our Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy have both been updated today to reflect our new Colocation services that we offer. Multiple sections have been changed as a result so we ask that all users please review the policy at this time. Thank you.

Terms of Service
Acceptable Use Policy

-The Secure Dragon Staff-

Aug 9th Tampa, FL Outage (8/5/2016)

On August 5th we received multiple alerts that our network in Tampa, FL. was offline. We contacted our data center and they informed us their network engineers were working on the problem. The total downtime was roughly 44 minutes according to our monitoring. Here is the RFO provided by our data center: Root Cause:At 7:02 PM Eastern on August ... Read More »

Aug 5th Scheduled Maintenance in Phoenix, AZ (08/05/2016)

We recieved the following notification from our Phoenix data center: Location:  PHX01 - Phoenix, AZ USADate:  August 6, 2016Start Time:  0400h MDT (UTC -7:00)End Time:   0500h MDT (UTC -7:00)Duration:     1 HourCustomer Notification Method:  E-MailAnticipated Impact:  Momentary loss of network connectivity during router ... Read More »

Jul 25th Secure Dragon LLC. is now offering colocation services in our Tampa data center!

We are happy to announce that we are now offering colocation services for those interested in hosting their own hardware on our fantastic network inside our unique Tampa data center. We currently offer 1U and 2U colocation packages on our website but feel free to contact us if you need more space. So if you've got your own server and want a ... Read More »

Jul 2nd KVM Migration

At this time all KVM VPSs have been migrated to Tampa and have received their new IPs. We apologize for the delay in this migration but we were having issues with the old Denver KVM node which prevented us from starting the migration on time and once the issue was resolved we had to move more data than originally expected.-The Secure Dragon Staff Read More »

Jun 27th Terms of Service update (6/27/2016)

It's been over 7 months since our last Terms of Service update so upon reviewing our TOS we noticed we still had language in there regarding our Affiliates Program that we discontinued some time ago. The section for our discontinued Affiliates Program has been removed.

May 23rd PHP upgrade on cPanel server

Since PHP 5.4 is no longer receiving security updates and 5.5 will be End Of Life in July, we are in the process of upgrading the PHP version on our cPanel server to 5.6 in order to maintain security on our servers at this time. Thank you.

May 20th KVM Node Outages (5/20/2016)

Here is a copy of the e-mail sent out to all clients impacted by the outages: This morning we experienced instability on both of our KVM nodes and one or more of your VPSs was impacted by this.The Timeline of EventsAt roughly 9AM EST we received alerts that some KVM VPSs on both nodes were offline and then we started receiving tickets about ... Read More »

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