Per the e-mail that was sent out to clients last weekend, we are starting work at 10PM EST that will result in a minor interruption of service. We will be upgrading our current VPS node in Denver, Colorado with OpenVZ 7 which means all of the VPS(es) in that location will be upgraded and moved over to a temporary server for a brief time. The actual outage each VPS will experience should be no more than a few minutes for the conversion from OpenVZ 6 to OpenVZ 7 but for larger VPSs it might take a bit longer. No other changes will occur to the VPS during the upgrade, but users will not be able to manage their VPS in Wyvern during that time.

Once all of the servers are migrated to the temporary server our current server will be rebuilt with OpenVZ 7 and the following day the services will be migrated back, this time there should be no outage because the VPS will already be converted to OpenVZ 7. Once the final migration occurs the VPSes will be manageable in Wyvern again.

EDIT: All of the VPSes are now on the rebuild server and are online and accessible at this time. If you're experiencing issues please try to reboot your VPS via Wyvern and if that does not solve the problem please open a ticket with our Support department. Thank you.

-The Secure Dragon Staff-

Saturday, December 3, 2022

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