It appears our Los Angeles data center went offline at around 1:48AM EST on 6/23/2022. The data center's website and help desk are also offline so we've reached out to them attempting to get some information but have not been successful so far. Since this appears to be widespread, we do not have an ETA for restoration of service at this time. We apologize for those impacted and SLA credits will be provided once the issue is resolved.

UPDATE: It appears the problem is power related and has resulted in a total outage for the data center: https://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1875801&p=10362038#post10362038

UPDATE 2: Power has been restored to the data center. We've having on-site techs check our server to ensure it has power and to troubleshoot any other issues.

UPDATE 3: It appears the data center is having another outage so it's not just our server offline. No ETA at this time.

UPDATE 4 (6/24 7:30AM EST): Still waiting to hear from the data center with updates. The last update was 5 hours ago that our server is back online but that's not the case so far.

RESOLVED (6/24 9:20AM EST): Service has been restored and we are rebooting the VPSs on the affected server to clear up any lingering routing issues.

-The Secure Dragon Staff

Thursday, June 23, 2022

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