This morning we experienced multiple network outages in our Tampa data center which have all been resolved at this time, here's a quick overview of events:


  • We received alerts about 8:33AM EST about a total network outage in our Tampa data center which the data center resolved at 8:45AM EST.
  • Additional alerts generated at 10:13AM EST for our IPv4 network in Tampa and our data center was contacted.
  • They confirmed an outage around 10:45AM EST but were able to resolve it on their end. IPv4 connectivity was still down on our end. (*Note that due to COVID-19 restrictions nobody was available on-site at the time.)
  • We were able to gain access to our router at 11:16AM EST and restore IPv4 connectivity.
  • To restore IPv4 networking to all of our OpenVZ VPSs we rebooted the nodes at 11:21AM EST and they are all powered back on at this time.
  • As of 11:42AM EST most of the VPSs are back online with connectivity and the remaining VPSs will be back online shortly.
    • If you have a KVM VPS, please verify your network connectivity and reboot via Wyvern if needed.

We apologize for this unexpected outage and will look into the root cause to see if we can take any steps to reduce this level of downtime in the future. For SLA credit due to this outage, please open a ticket with our Billing department. Thank you for your understanding.

-The Secure Dragon Staff

Monday, June 21, 2021

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