Here is a copy of the e-mail sent to all clients in our Portland, OR. location:

We're sending you this e-mail to inform you that we'll be migrating all OpenVZ VPSs in our Portland location to a new data center and converting them over to OpenVZ 7. We have decided to migrate from our current Portland, Oregon data center to a new data center in Seattle, Washington with Hivelocity.

We will begin the migration at 10PM EST on 03/22/2020 and expect to be completed by 6AM EST on 03/23/2020. Since we will be converting all services over to OpenVZ 7 during the migration we have scheduled an 8 hour window for the outage. We do not expect the outage to last the full 8 hours, but we do expect there to be a delay between cutting over the IP addresses in Portland to Seattle which will occur once all of the VPSs are migrated over. During the migration your VPSs will be accessible immediately over IPv6 if you assign a new IPv6 address after your VPS is migrated to Seattle.

This migration and conversion is necessary to ensure the security and stability of your VPS. In addition to the better performance, stability, and security of OpenVZ 7 it also allows for new OS options for VPSs such as Debian 9 and Ubuntu 18.04.

No action is required on your part and your IPv4 address will not change. However with this migration to a new data center we will finally have native IPv6 in this location so all of the current IPv6 addresses will be removed from all services.

Additionally the level of DDoS protection will not be the same as our current Portland location so we apologize for those of you relying on this level of protection. Hivelocity does offer a basic level of DDoS protection which should be adequate for most users.

Lastly, due to the incompatibility with OpenVZ 6 and OpenVZ 7 we will be disabling migrations within Wyvern until all of our nodes have been converted to OpenVZ 7. Additionally we will be disabling the Backup and Snapshot features inside of Wyvern as well as disable our weekly automated backups due to the lack of a native backup and restore tool for OpenVZ 7. We are looking into other solutions and hope to have a client maintainable backup option in the near future and will keep you updated once we have a good solution in place.

UPDATE 1: The migration is taking much longer than expected so we informed our clients that we were pushing the end time back from 6AM EST to 8PM EST. At this time we are on track to finish the migrations before 8PM EST. We will provide another update once the migrations are complete or if we need to push the end time back further.

UPDATE 2: At this time all of the services have been migrated and we are currently waiting for the BGP announcements to update.

COMPLETE: All services have been migrated over and the network has been restored. We had an issue with Wyvern that caused roughly 70% of the VPSs to get suspended after coming back online but this bug has been resolved and all of the VPSs affected are currently online.

-The Secure Dragon Staff

Thursday, March 12, 2020

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