COMPLETED: Data Center Relocation: Atlanta, GA. 02/26/2020

  • Thursday, 27th February, 2020
  • 00:43am

We received a notice from our Atlanta, GA. data center over the weekend about a pending relocation where all of their hardware (including ours) would be relocated to a new physical data center in Atlanta. Unfortunately we were not given a time or a date and attempts to obtain this information were ineffective. Tonight we were sent an e-mail with 1 hour notice that our hardware was going to be powered off and relocated which began at 6:30PM EST on 02/26/2020. Our monitoring shows that our server went offline shortly before 8:00PM EST as part of this relocation. We are unsure when our services will return online but the window provided was between 4PM and 1AM EST (in roughly 8 minutes). We are monitoring the situation and will provide an update once the services are back online.

NOTE: Normally we would send out an e-mail informing clients of this information but at this time with the lack of information we felt sending an e-mail with no concrete data was unhelpful. We've contacted our data center about the communication failure and will work to address this going forward.

UPDATE: All service came back online at 6:34AM EST without any issues. We've double checked the node and a handful of VPSs to confirm that the network is working correctly.

-The Secure Dragon Staff

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