Terms of Service Update: 7 Day Money Back Guarantee

  • Thursday, 9th May, 2019
  • 22:37pm

Due to a recent policy change with PayPal, we've updated our Terms of Service to reflect our new Money Back Guarantee terms. We will no longer be offering full refunds after 7 days of service, instead the options will be a partial refund or account credit after 7 days. In order to avoid having different guidelines in place for different payment processors this applies to all payment processors (excluding BitPay which is not subject to our Money Back Guarantee). If you have any questions regarding this please open a ticket with our Billing department and we can discuss this further. Additionally this change only applies to new clients who order services after 10:30PM EST on 5/9/2019, all previous clients will still fall under our original terms.

-The Secure Dragon Staff-

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