We received alerts at 10:09AM EST that our Tampa, FL. location was not responding. We spoke with the techs on-site and they are currently experiencing a power outage on the colocation side of the data center. We are waiting to hear back from the data center staff at this time and have no ETA.

11:31AM EST - Power has been restored. We are getting notifications that our network is back online and our servers are powering back on now.
11:46AM EST - We have confirmed all of our Tampa nodes are back online and all OpenVZ VPSs are powered on. We will be sending out an e-mail for clients with KVM services to manually validate their VPSs. We were informed the power outage impacted the row our cabinet was located in and a full report will be provided once available.

-The Secure Dragon Staff

Monday, February 12, 2018

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