What is the difference between the Budget Backup, Advanced Backup, and Premium Storage VPSs?

Here's a quick breakdown of these three services and their recommended usage:

  Budget Backup VPS Advanced Backup VPS Premium Storage VPS
Virtualization: OpenVZ KVM
Storage: Up to 200GB Up to 500GB Up to 6000GB
RAM: 256MB Up to 12GB
CPU Cores: 1 2 Up to 6

Up to 2000GB

Up to 3000GB 10TB
Network Port:

1Gbps (Shared)

IPv4 Addresses:

1 Shared
(w/Port Forwarding)

1 Dedicated
IPv6 Addresses: Dedicated /64 Block
Storage Array: Hardware RAID5
Hardware RAID50
Ease of use: Very easy Moderate
Ideal for backups: Yes
Ideal for other services: No Yes
Operation Systems: Linux Only Linux, Windows, and BSD

Budget Backup VPS - This service is perfect for people who want the cheapest storage for backing up a small number of devices. The low RAM and CPU mean you won't be able to run a lot of services at once, but you'll have more than enough performance for any backup software or scripts you want to use. The shared IPv4 is good for most situations but may require some additional configuration to utilize the port forwarding (common ports are not available for forwarding). RAID5 ensures the highest density (lower cost per GB) while still maintaining hardware redundancy. Management is easier with our Wyvern control panel and you'll be logged into your VPS within minutes of placing your order. The only OS options for this service are Linux distros with no GUI installed by default.

Advanced Backup VPS - Similar to the Budget Backup VPS service except this includes an extra CPU core and a dedicated IPv4 address. The additional CPU is helpful if you are performing multiple encrypted backups/restores at once making this a good option if you want cheap storage for many devices. The dedicated IPv4 address allows you to use standard ports for your services, making configuration easier for most cases. There is also more room for growth with this service compared to the Budget service. As with the Budget service management is just as easy so there's no additional learning curve required. The only OS options for this service are Linux distros with no GUI installed by default.

Premium Storage VPS - A true storage solution, this is more in tune to a real server rather than backup space. This sevice is ideal for clients who have a lot of requirements, need a lot of resources, or just want a powerful server with a lot of disk space. The KVM virtualization allows better control of the OS and kernel with the trade off of requiring more knowledge to manage and configure (no OS is installed by default, you'll need to install it from an ISO). In addition to the OS options of the other two, you are able to install Windows and BSD also. The RAID controller is configured in RAID50 to allow better redundancy and performance than the other solutions.

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