HOW TO: Setup port forwarding on a NAT VPS

By default all of our NAT'ed VPSs are allowed to have 30 ports forwarded to it, this allow clients to make their applications accessible externally. The external port is assigned based on the next available port in a predetermined pool so you are not able to specify an external port nor will our staff manually configure one for you so if your application requires a specific port then please purchase a non-NAT service or use IPv6.

  1. Log into Wyvern for the VPS.
  2. Click on the Network Management tab, then click on IPv4 (image below).
  3. Enter the port on your VPS that you would like to access externally (image below).
  4. Find the new external port that has been forwarded to the port specified in step 3 (image below).

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:
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