Why can't I order your services?

Unfortunately due to the increasing amounts of internet fraud and the costs involved with combating such fraud, we have implemented multiple anti-fraud systems that may block legitimate users. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused for those impacted by this, please open a ticket and we will try to manually verify your account for you.
In some instances it is impossible to verify legitimacy for clients outside of the US and we greatly apologize for this but we cannot make exceptions due to the large amounts of fraud and abuse our services attract (people just love abusing low cost, high quality services).
Here are some things we require of all users:
  • Do not place orders from VPNs or Proxies.
  • Order from your home ISP.
  • Use your home address that matches your payment account.
  • Be truthful in your contact information.
  • Be polite in your communication if our anti-fraud systems flag your account, this is an automated system and not a reflection on you as a person by us.

We understand that a lot of clients travel and love taking the opportunity to buy services while on vacation or business, unfortunately people also love to take advantage of these excuses which results in the majority of abuse so we cannot accept orders from VPNs, Proxies, or any orders where the address does not match the billing address or IP location.
If your address is marked as a forwarding address, your IP is flagged as an open proxy, or your e-mail/IP have been flagged for fraud in the past, we will not override the automated system no matter what "proof" you provide since we cannot validate such proof.
  • Phone numbers in any area code can be obtained for free online so calling you will not satisfy our suspicions.
  • Photo IDs can be faked so this is not a valid form of verification.
  • Payment accounts can be hacked so this also does not prove you are who you say you are.

In the end it all comes down to risk and we choose to err on the side of caution when it comes to keeping our clients and business online. If you order from one address in one country and get flagged for fraud, then change your address to one in a different country and say "I'm telling the truth now", what reason do we have to trust you? All we know about you is that you lied to us the first time and only told the truth when you were caught.
We understand a lot of people are concerned with privacy and we are all for privacy, we have a very straight forward Privacy Policy for that reason. Unfortunately we do not do business with anonymous clients that we cannot verify, it's similar to why banks tend not to do business with people in ski masks.
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